Who Are We?

About us

We are Asset Business Solutions, located in Southeast Wisconsin servicing the heavy equipment industry helping contractors, businesses and individuals with heavy equipment they need or want to sell. We service in person and online sales for heavy equipment with a very competitive commission structure.

We implement 120 day sale sales cycle to make sure there is no money left on the table and adjust for the ever changing market of heavy equipment even though it usually only takes 3 - 4 weeks to sell heavy equipment. Asset business Solutions was established in 2004 and has been servicing clients nationwide.

He began in the Brokerage/Valuation industry in 2003. With a keen eye for the big picture, he explored other avenues to apply brokering techniques. Over the past decade, Jacob has continually sought out opportunities to learn more applications of brokering heavy equipment and knows the importance of staying current on industry standards.
Asset Business Solutions is committed to bringing our clients the best possible service by handling each situation with professionalism, competency and knowledge. Our ever-changing industry of the heavy equipment brokering services are vital to business leaders. Handling all aspects of the transaction allows leaders to focus on the operations of their business without distraction.

Our expertise in heavy equipment brokering keeps us up to date on changing trends that affect the climate of machinery and equipment transactions. Our team is the point of communication between buyers and sellers. We are an established industry leader with an expansive network of brokers, assisting clients to buy, sell, and liquidate machinery and equipment worldwide.