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Brokerage services are vital to business leaders. Handling all aspects of the transaction allows leaders to focus on the operation of their business without distraction. Our expertise in valuation keeps us up to date on changing trends that affect the climate of machinery and equipment transactions. Our team is the point of communication between buyers and sellers. We are an established industry leader with an expansive network of brokers, assisting clients to buy, sell, and liquidate machinery and equipment worldwide.


We partner with our clients to determine budget restraints, application purposes and a desirable timeline for implementation. We will establish the entire cost structure for the purchase, including relocating the equipment and integration into your operation saving you time and money. This is one of the many ways that we at AEAB bring you the results that matter, when they matter most.


Selling excess and under-utilized equipment is a time consuming process. Our brokers work closely with our team of certified equipment appraisers to establish the maximum resale value for your equipment. We connect you with motivated buyers to turn your assets into working capital. Let our brokerage experts work with you to maximize the selling potential of your assets.


We will implement a complete Asset Recovery Program using private offerings and an auction sale to maximize your return. Our team of professionals will partner with you through each step of the process. Our system creates urgency in the buyer’s mind, promoting purchase before the market value rises. This allows you the opportunity to sell larger items on the day of auction.

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