Accurately value your business enterprise

A Business Valuation is one of the most powerful management tools a business can invest in. Every business is unique and has its own brand value. To determine the true worth of your business an Independent Business Valuation is required for a multitude of scenarios. Our Business Appraisers and Analysts utilize state of the art methods and technologies to accurately value your business enterprise as a whole. We analyze every facet of your business from hard assets to revenue streams. You will make fully informed decisions for your business with full confidence knowing the strengths and weaknesses within your organization.


To accurately determine the value of any business entity we need to clearly understand your business model. We will ask a variety of questions about your internal and external operations, the type of systems you have in place, the efficiency of those systems and future system plans. In addition, we will need to speak with key members of management, inspect your facilities, machinery and equipment, as well as, receive copies of certain documentation. Having quick access to all requested information will aid in the speed of delivering your completed business appraisal. We will work in partnership with your business to make these steps as easy as possible to avoid any interruption in your day-to-day activities.

Financial Information

Being able to project a company’s future can make or break a potential partnership or sale. It is important to add weight to general projections with research and reliable methods to arrive at substantiated value.

Management Contribution

Many times the value of the business would be negatively impacted if principle participation was no longer a part of the business picture. Alternatively, if sales do not depend on principle participation the value would not be impacted. Being able to explain these scenarios and support the arrived value within a report is crucial.


Being able to explain performance declines or fluctuation can be a valuable tool in a multitude of situations including: Selling a business, Partnership opportunities and planning for future staffing. Our research will give you the answers you need to move in a forward direction.

Hard Assets

Machinery and Equipment are frequently undervalued in other reports. We do not utilize the Book Value on your balance sheet or Depreciation Schedule to set the Fair Market Value of your Machinery & Equipment. Those figures are generally drastically different than the actual Fair Market Value as their principle objective is tax basis. This can have an impact on the overall value of your Business. We research your equipment and arrive at the accurate Fair Market Value.

Facility Condition

A busy well-organized business with clean and well-maintained equipment increases value. That value is decreased when a facility is unorganized, dirty and appears poorly maintained. The appearance of a company can many times mirror their customer base.

Additional Factors Considered

Capabilities, Future Prospects, Historical Cash Flow, Earning Capacity, Market Share, Product Life Cycles and Distribution.


Business Valuations are not an exact science. Our appraisers and analysts include the necessary documentation and follow the standards required for compliance with the IRS, IRA, SBA and other government agencies. Independent Analysis is required to determine the accurate value of each unique business. These valuations are challenging to complete due to the numerous factors that we must weigh in each report. Our Certified Appraisers and Analysts have the proven experience necessary to provide timely and accurate Business Valuations.

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