We are committed to bringing our clients the best possible service by handling each situation with professionalism, competency and knowledge of our ever-changing industry of Business Consulting. We strive to achieve these goals by paying close attention to our clients’ needs. We follow a stringent code of ethics and work as a team to benefit the client. When additional expertise is required, we collaborate with specialists whom we know will be able to give the highest quality of service. We are not concerned with individual recognition but with the total satisfaction of each client.


AEAB Appraisers are experts at locating and determining substantiated values on the equipment. We hold and promote the ethics and reporting guidelines of the Uniform Standards and Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). Our commitment to preserve the public trust in the appraisal process is second to none.


AEAB has experienced Appraisers who are members of NEBBI and ISBA. Our appraisers are qualified to prepare appraisals utilizing standards required by the IRS, Council of Foundations, and US Small Business Administration’s Standard Operation Procedures 50 10 (5).


The purpose of the Code of Ethics and Competency Appraiser Awareness Program is to protect the public from unsubstantiated or questionable machinery & equipment appraisals. AEAB Appraisers comply with these guidelines to assure that our appraisals are substantiated, accurate, irrefutable, and defensible.

Ethical Obligations

All Certified Appraisals completed by AEAB are USPAP Compliant.

Advocacy Only of the Appraisal

AEAB is an advocate only of the appraisal itself, never of any person or organization, which maintains our objectivity in all circumstances.

Defensible Appraisal

AEAB Appraisers are comprehensive in their analysis. Providing substantiated estimates of value that will hold up to the scrutiny of all interested parties.


AEAB Appraisers have earned certification through NEBBI, an industry leader training machinery & equipment appraisers.


The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice guidelines are the quality control standards for our industry. These standards were jointly developed by major appraisal organizations throughout North America.

The USPAP standards are continually evolving. You can have confidence knowing that all AEAB Appraisers and Analysts are educated annually in USPAP standards; ensuring compliance is up to date. While USPAP provide a minimum set of quality control standards, AEAB strives to exceed these minimum requirements with each appraisal we complete.

NEBB Institute

AEAB Appraisers have completed extensive training programs run by the institution to receive CMEA or MCMEA designations. Annual refresher courses keep our appraisers up-to-date on changing USPAP standards.


AEAB Analysts have completed comprehensive training in the areas of small business analysis to receive SBA or CSBA designations. Our Analysts continue their education annually to stay current on changing trends within the industry.

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